Door Jamb vs Wooden Height Chart

Door Jamb vs Wooden Height Chart

Kids height charts growth charts made in new zealand How to Transfer Children’s Measurements from Door Jamb to Height Chart

 Let’s be honest, nostalgia is real and keeping track of your kids growth is quite a sentimental process. It’s true, you want to treasure such moments and records but most often, there comes a time when painting the house or renovation will call for the removal of these measurements. In other words, if you use a door jamb to measure the height of your children, you will inevitably need to transfer this information to a another height chart.

Now, that’s not to say a door jamb is the only way to record this growth but rather to highlight the most common method that parents use to measure their children’s height. In fact, wooden growth charts are much better for this purpose and provide a much more subtle and attractive alternative. .

Now, let’s take a closer look at how to transfer your children’s measurements to a height chart and more about the above-mentioned alternative that you can use for the process:

How to Transfer Measurements from Door Jamb to Wooden Height Charts

In short, you can transfer this data by creating a chart on paper but the process is rather frustrating and certainly very uninspiring. That is to say, it’s quite easy to write these measurements down and store them away in a book somewhere but surely this sentimental process deserves more attention!

At the same time, painting or renovating can be an unnecessary complication for charting the height of your children. In other words, this is exactly the problem with placing a height chart on the inside of the door jamb – it’s not a practical solution and inevitably gets in the way. Also, it seems somewhat pointless to continue using the door jamb when there are so many attractive alternatives for height measurement.

For example, wooden height charts in particular are the best long-term solution for keep track of your child’s growth. After all, these charts can be fixed to doors or walls and then removed at ease whenever the need arises. What’s more, it’s easy to transfer data from the door jamb to these colorful creations and this way, you will never need to worry about losing data or duplicating the process again. As if that’s not enough, wooden height charts can be customized and decorated according to individual requirements.

The easiest way to move the measurements is to use a tape measure and measure from the floor up to the marking. As the wooden height chart already has all the measurements on it you can literally now use a ruler and some name age markers (biro or not too inky pen.) to put a marker at the appropriate height. Most people label them with a name or initials and the child's age but you can also include the date.

And that’s just part of the story…

You see, wooden height charts look fantastic and blend seamlessly into any room of the family home. Featuring rimu, white oak and pine, the appearance of each chart is entirely unique and this is certainly true when topped off with an engraved, vinyl or paint finish.


As you can see, transferring children’s measurements from the door jamb to a height chart is pretty straightforward. However, for many parents, this process is often seen as a “rite of passage” in a sense that one day, they can instruct their child to stand up next to the iconic height chart. With this in mind, it makes sense to have an attractive fixture for this sentimental process and one that you can remove or replace, whenever the need may arise.


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