Little Miss Viking Make all of their wooden height charts or growth rulers in Christchurch New Zealand. Each height chart can be personalised to suit your family. They make great gifts and are ideal to be displayed in your house. Each growth ruler is made to order so you can set it up the way you want, be it Pine, Rimu or Oak it will be the perfect fit for your children and family.


There are three woods to choose from or we can make one out of the wood of your choice (Please contact us to discuss).


New Zealand Pine (Pinus Radiata) originally a native of California, excels in Southern New Zealand soils and climatic conditions. New Zealand Pine yields a strong, economical and versatile light coloured timber. Tall, clear trunks produce timber highly suited for furniture and all forms of show wood applications.


Rimu is a fine, even-textured, medium-density softwood. The seasoned heartwood is reddish-brown, sometimes yellowish-brown and has pigmented figure which fades on exposure to light. The intermediate zone has an even, light-brown colour and sapwood a lighter brown tone. It is straight grained. 

American White Oak:

American white oak is a pale yellow-brown biscuit colour with a pinkish tint. Straight grained with a characteristic silver grain figure on quarter-sawn material. This comes from the timber’s broad rays which give white oak more figure than red oak. Northern (Appalachian) Oak is slow growing producing light weight, mild wood generally considered superior to southern oak which is faster growing with a harder, coarser texture. US forests have a long-standing tradition of sustainable forest management, bolstered by a strong legal framework for environmental conservation.


Get the right size for your space.

Our most popular width size is 135mm for pine and 140-180mm for Rimu and Oak growth rulers. Little Miss Viking also offers 180mm wide pine and 180-210mm wide Rimu and Oak height charts as standard options, however we have made a narrower height chart and wider height charts on request.

All our height charts are 1800mm high as standard, we can make longer ones but this makes shipping problematic.

Wide Pine Height Chart Growth Ruler with personalisation and name age markers from Little Miss VikingWide Pine Growth Ruler with personalisation and name age makers.


Little Miss Viking has several paint patterns we can add to your pine growth ruler.

a wooden tableThe Half n Half

a close up of a white wallWhite Wash

a close up of a logoHerringbone

a room with white wallsCandy Cane

Vinyl, Engraved, or Engraved & Painted


Centimeters or Feet

Personalised Name and Age Markers

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